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Most people want their lawn to be green, stripy and healthy but may not have the time or the expertise to do it themselves. That’s where LawnForce can help..


I was very disappointed with my previous lawn care company. After enquiry, LawnForce offered me the best service and price.

The difference LawnForce has made to our lawn is huge!

What a transformation LawnForce have made!  It is an absolute pleasure to spend time on my lawn, which I am now very proud of.

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We have a programmed approach of seasonal repeat treatments so we’ll visit your lawn regularly to keep it looking great throughout the year.

Spring Treatment

This comprises of an application of fertiliser which encourages the grass to grow and helps provide a good green colour. A moss killer and selective weed killer are also applied if required.

Early Summer Treatment

The early summer treatment includes an application of a fertiliser designed not to damage the lawn in higher summer temperatures and another application of liquid weed killer which does not harm the lawn.  

Late Summer Treatment

The late summer treatment includes further fertiliser applications to help prepare the lawn for autumn, with the addition of a specialist weed killer that targets the resistant types of lawn weed.

Autumn/Winter Treatment

We prepare the lawn for winter with a treatment of fertiliser which helps increase tolerance to lawn diseases and the cold weather, along with further moss killer.

Scarification and Aeration

We offer scarification to remove the thatch which allows the turf space to grow – this process is more thorough than using a domestic lawn rake. Aeration removes very narrow holes in the lawn, allowing air and valuable nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Both services allow your turf to maximise the effect of our four treatments. 

Weed and Disease Control

We offer a total weed control service to eradicate weeds and diseases from both your lawn and from your pathways and driveways. This services utilises professional weed control products, not available to domestic users. All our technicians are suitably qualified to provide peace of mind.